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  1. How do I use

    Check out our Site Users Guide or Take a Tour.

  2. I have a question that was not answered here, how can I submit a question of my own?

    • If you didn't find what you were looking for here in the FAQ's, or in the left column on this screen, you can submit your own question my emailing our Indiana Headquarters Location at and we will respond as soon as possible during normal business hours (8:30 AM to 6:00 PM EST).
    • If you need immediate assistance outside of these hours, please call customer service at 260-484-2695 and someone will be available to answer your call as late as 4:30pm Pacific (7:30pm EST).

  3. How do I use schematics to order parts?

    Attention Lane Men and Mechanics: Check out 'Introducing Schematics' for step by step instructions on the fastest and easiest way to order parts.

  4. Can I set up an additional user that can place orders, but I must approve them before they ship?

    YES!  When setting up the additional user there are several authority settings that need to be checked.  One of the authority settings are Allow Order Entry.  That will let a user place orders.  There is another setting called Allow Orders to Ship.  That setting must be checked for orders to be placed that will ship.  To place and ship orders BOTH of those authority settings must be checked.  If a user is allowed to enter orders, but not allowed to ship orders; then all orders placed will always be placed as hold orders.  They will not ship unless someone else with authority to ship orders processes the held order.  That is done by using the Combine Shippable Orders link.

  5. How can I order the same item out of two different warehouses.

    If you hit Add to Cart twice for the same item it will add the item to your cart on two different lines.  You can then have one line item ship from one location and the other line item ship from a second location.  This would be useful if you have to order the item out of two different locations to get the amount you need or because of the available inventory.

    If you would like to know how long it would take to get your shipment when ordering from a different warehouse than usual, click here to estimate shipping times (please allow the popup).

  6. How often is the website updated?

    The inventory levels are updated roughly every five minutes.  The pricing updated throughout the day to ensure that the price you see on the web is the price that will be on your invoice.  New products are added daily.  The Open Orders section is updated about every five minutes.  So when an order is placed, it takes an average of five minutes for the order to appear in the Open Orders section.

  7. How can I find the items I'm looking for?

    There are several ways to use our website to find what you're looking for. The order in which you search for things on a regular basis will depend on your preferences and the way you like to do it best! You may find that the "search" works for certain things you buy and "browse" works for others.
    Below are some different starting points we suggest but they will all end up giving you the same end result.

    Search Site For:

    • At the very top of the website you can type in a specific description (i.e. 1" tape roll), a keyword (i.e. flame) or even a vague description (i.e. purple) and click GO. By default this will search all products' main descriptions. (Tip: It is best to use singular words and to leave out brand names.)
    • There is a dropdown menu to change how you search before you click GO. If you are referring to a catalog that lists a part number, you should change the search option to Part # Contains.  This will search anywhere within the part number for the numbers & letters you entered.  This is useful because our part numbers often start with a manufacturer prefix which Part # Contains ignores.  If you know exactly what our part number is you can search by Part # Begins with.  This will only find the part numbers that begin with what you entered.  It is good to use if you are going off our price list, invoice, packing slip, or base sku from website. 

    Browse in Category Tabs: 

    • Browse a category tab by sub-categories, manufacturers or in some cases, by mens/womens and continue narrowing your results with the options in the left column. 
    • Use the Secondary Search to choose from the dropdown options in a category tab. (i.e. Looking for a Character Ball from any manufacturer? Use the MODEL dropdown box and select "CHARACTER")

  8. How do I request a pin spec, top weight, or mass bias location?

    There is a special instructions field for each item.  You can access this area in the detail page when you add an item to your cart.  You can also add these instructions when viewing your cart.  From the View Cart screen you would click on "Add Special Instructions" for each item.  Please note that there is a $5 charge for mass bias requests if we have to open each box to find the location of the mass bias in relation to the CG and pin.  This fee is not charged if the mass bias location is printed on the box.

  9. How can I change an order after I submitted it?

    Any modifications to an order after it is submitted will need to go through customer service. Please call 260-484-2695 or email   We will do our best to accomodate, but it isn't always possible depending on various factors.  If you think you may still need to add an item, you can place the order on hold and tell the order to ship at a later time.

  10. What time do I need to have my order submitted for it to ship the same day?

    Online orders carry the same shipping guarantee as orders placed over the phone.  An online order needs to be submitted by 5PM Eastern Time on shipping days to be guaranteed to ship same day.  Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information on our shipping guarantee.

  11. How can I change the shipping method for my order?

    The order will ship using your default shipping method.  If you need to change your default shipping method for an order, please put a note in the Special Order Instructions field.  If you are not sure what your default shipping method is, or wish to change your default shipping method; please call 260-484-2695 or email

  12. What is the charge to use this website?

    This website is offered entirely free of charge.  The prices you see online are the same as if the order was placed through customer service.

  13. How do I track a package?

    Hit "My Account" at the top, and then "Invoice History" to the left.  You will now see "Track" on each package that has tracking information from UPS or FedEx.  Click "Track" to display the full tracking information.

  14. Can I change the shipping method online?

    Yes, you will now have drop-menus to select various shipping methods.  If shipping from multiple warehouses, you can set the shipping method for each location.  The shipping method is selected from the checkout menu.

  15. What is the difference between a saved cart and a held order?

    A saved cart will only save the work you have done on the website until you are ready to submit the order to us.  Saved carts stay on the website and are specific to the user that saved the cart.  Customer Service and other users on the account do not have access to your saved carts.  Inventory is not reserved with saved carts.

    An order that is submitted with the Hold box checked will generate an order, but it is not shipped or made ready for pick-up.  The items are reserved in the specified warehouse for you.  Anything not in stock will generate a backorder.  Any user on the account can modify the held order - provided they have authority to enter orders.  The shippable items can be told to ship by using the Combine Shippable Orders feature or by contacting Customer Service.  Placing orders on hold is good if you want to wait on shipping the item until you have more items needed to save on shipping.

  16. Can the website show my retail price?

    • At this time, our website is designed to only show or hide your price as our customer.  We are always planning phases to update different and important areas of our website and we hope to advance this function in our long-term plans.
    • We provide an up to date list to customers who are logged into the website, for suggested retail prices of resale items in which the manufacturers have placed minimum retail price regulations. If you are logged in, you can click here for the MRP List.

  17. How can I change the account name, address, phone, fax, etc?

    The only changes that can be made online are the email address you want to receive order confirmations to, and who can access the website (see above for adding/deleting users). For any other changes to your account, please call our accounting department at (260)484-2695 and choose option 3 using your keypad. You can also send an email to if you have any permanent changes to make in your account. Please be sure to include your business name. And always feel free to contact your area sales rep for any further assistance. If you are unsure of your sales rep, click the SALES REP button at the top of your screen.

  18. How do I add or remove users?

    To add or remove users, you must be registered as the Master User for your company and log in. Click MY ACCOUNT at the top of the page and click MANAGE USERS in the left column. Adding New User: On this screen you can click CREATE NEW USER and block any priveleges if necessary. Each user gets the same login ID but their own unique password and security question in the case they would forget their password in the future. Removing User: Also on this "manage users" screen you can click EDIT next to a user's name, and then use the drop down box to change their access from "Active" to "Deactive". When a user is deactive, they will not be able to log in.

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