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Mitchell Tinney John Hammond Steve Jaros Jason Shondrick Sandy Cisco Bill Matovina Jeff Gray Chris Funk Bob Andrews Jeff Gray Ray Ardeneaux Jami Toussaint Hawaii Alaska Central


Bob Andrews

California, Nevada & Arizona

Jami Toussaint


David Wilson

Born rolling clay in a pro shop, Dave Wilson has over 40 years of experience in and around bowling.

From design to install, he can share his knowledge with y'all. Dave has over 400 lighting projects under his belt and has helped design several centers.

Keeps a great connection with the Military, CONUS and OCONUS.

He can drill a ball and help make sure the pins fall!

  • Managed western region with Complete Bowling Service
  • Specialty in Centers' light and sound systems
  • Brunswick Capital Equipment
  • Military accounts in Asia


Military Asia

Sarah French and Ralph McIsaac are building great connections with the Military, CONUS and OCONUS.

Please don't hesitate to contact!


Jimmy Land

Bowling is my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have been fortunate enough to have always been in the business that I love. My parents owned a bowling center from the day I was born. To keep me out of their hair, they would send me to the back for the mechanics to entertain me. It was there where I discovered that I really enjoyed the machinery associated with bowling. I have been working on equipment ever since.
When my parents got out of the bowling business, I went to work for AMF as a head mechanic on 82/70’s. After leaving AMF, I went to work for Bowling & Billiard Supplies of Dallas in the center services department. I traveled with center services sanding lanes, installing lanes and scoring as well as any other center upgrades to be done. From the center services division, I went to the Kegel training where I further honed my skills and learned to service and install lane machines. My duties multiplied when I became the warehouse manager in Garland, TX. I have recently been promoted to Vice President of Sales. I thrive on helping and teaching others in the industry that I love.

  • 30+ years as an AMF 82/70 mechanic
  • Kegel Level II Certified Technician
  • Brunswick certified A22 technician
  • Member of W.E.R.C. (Warehouse Education Research Council)
  • Competitive bowler
  • Rabid Texas A&M Fan


John Hammond

Tennessee, Kentucky, Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, North Carolina and parts of South Carolina

Doug Cutler

  • Graduate Vincennes University 1985
  • Managed a center with the Fair Lanes Corporation.
  • Account Manager, Classic Products, since 2001


John Hill

Northern Illinois, Northern Indiana, Southern Wisconsin, Western Michigan

Angie Hartman

Hometown: Muncie Indiana

  • Center Manager for 8 years 56 lane center
  • Pro Shop Manager for 8 years
  • Member of the MBA Hall of Fame
  • Member of the YABA Hall of Fame
  • Member of the PBA for 9 years
  • 5 years of service to the MBA
  • 3 years Delaware County YABA Secretary


Bill Matovina

Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, and parts of Virginia

Jami Toussaint

Bill started with Classic Products in 1996 as the Classic sales Representative for Michigan. He also called on accounts in Ohio before moving to Florida in 2000.

  • Avid League Bowler for 20+ years
  • Pinchaser at Bell Wick Bowl in Hubbard Ohio - 4 years
  • Worked for Mendes Scoring on an installation crew for 1 year
  • Vincennes University Lanes Shift Manager - 2 years
  • Graduated from Vincennes University Bowling Management Program in 1996
  • In addition, Bill is a certified Installer for Kegel and Brunswick lane machines and is a Bronze Certified Coach


Jason Shondrick

Ohio, Eastern Michigan, Northeast Indiana and West Virginia

Doug Cutler

Bowling is in my blood. I was taught how to bowl when I was five years old and started working in our local center when I was fifteen. I continued through college both working and bowling in leagues until I was hired full time upon graduation to work in sales. I have been selling ever since and love the interaction with my customers. I have built a very strong 10 year relationship with center owners, mechanics, and proshops in centers all across the country with a special consideration to the midwest. I have especially enjoyed dealing with and meeting so many of my peers in the bowling industry. I love helping people get what they need and that for me is the most enjoyable part of the job.

  • 1989-1996 Consolidated Bowling Corporation - Cleveland, OH (General center operations)
  • 1993-1997 Varsity Lanes - Bowling Green, OH (General center operations)
  • 1993-1997 Bowling Green State University - BSBA (Sales, Marketing, Hospitality Management)
  • 1997-2005 Done-Rite Bowling Service - Walton Hills, OH (Sales, VP Sales) 2005-Current Classic Products - Fort Wayne, IN (Sales)


Mitchell Tinney

Dallas, Fort Worth & Eastern Texas

Jan Land

Mitchell came to Classic Products in February of 2005 when Classic Products purchased Bowling & Billiard Supplies of Dallas.

  • An avid bowler since the age of 9.
  • Bowled collegiately for West Texas State (now West Texas A&M) 1986-1989
  • Worked for ARC (American Recreation Centers) 1989-1993
  • Worked for Bowling & Billiard Supplies of Dallas 1993-2005
  • Mitchell currently serves Classic Products customers in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area.


Steve Jaros

Chicago, Illinois area, Northwest Indiana, Southwest Michigan & Southern Wisconsin

Doug Cutler

I’ve been bowling on the PBA Tour for 24 Seasons. I’ve won 7 PBA national titles including the Tournament of Champions. I’ve made at least one telecast in each of the past 20 seasons making it one of the longest streaks on tour. I’ve also won 43 regional PBA titles tying me for first in regular regional titles. I’m also currently 12th on the all time earnings list.

  • Joined Classic Products January 1, 2011


Doug Cutler

John Hammond, Steve Jaros and Jason Shondrick

Threw my first strike at age 5! First job was cleaning pins and machines at age 13 and continued working in the bowling industry. Bowled through college at Vincennes University where I earned my Bowling Industry Management degree.

  • Once held a PBA Regional Tour Title and has bowled (18) 800 Series (the highest was 856)
  • Bowled (27) 300 Games (3 in PBA Tournaments and 1 of which was thrown in the 2006 USBC Masters in Milwaukee)
  • In 2005 my ABC team Finished 2nd in Baton Rouge, LA

Moved to Fort Wayne, IN in 2003 but was originally from Wayland, MI. Started out in sales with Classic Products in 2011 in the custom retail apparel department and joined the Bowling Division Customer Service Team in the Fall of 2014.


Kevin Andes

  • Associates Degree – Bowling Industry Management – Vincennes University
  • USBC Collegiate Bowler 2005-09 (Vincennes / Newman Universities)
  • YABA/USBC Member since 1995
  • PBA Member since 2009
  • USBC Bronze Level Certified Coach


Angie Hartman

Steve Jaros & John Hammond

Our great customers have taught me so much about the industry and yet after 17 yrs I am still learning. I pride myself on making every contact with our customers a positive experience. I would say I am more of a recreational bowler and have enjoyed the sport for years.

  • Thanks to my Father Doug Barth, I was introduced to the Classic Family in the late 80’s
  • Started my career as a Customer Service Rep for Classic in September of '94


David Hughes     247

I threw my first strike as a toddler at Sarasota Manatee County Bowling in Florida - without the
use of bumpers! Although I still enjoy some casual bowling, that must've been beginner's luck, as my high score still sits at about 130.

Having been in customer service for over 15 years, I'm very customer-oriented.

I'm married with pets and while working full time here at Classic, I'm also attending grad school
for my master's degree in Communications.


Jami Toussaint     253

Mexico, Central America & International (export) Accounts

Chris Funk, Bob Andrews and Bill Matovina

I started as a receptionist and administrative assistant in April of 2006 for Classic Products, later that fall I moved into customer service where it's been my home ever since! I'm a recreational bowler, I participate on an all women's league where three of the teams are Classic teams.

Enthusiastic in handling the best interest of both the customers and the company. I love my job and interacting with all the customers, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Jan Land     264

Mitchell Tinney and Ray Ardeneaux

I joined the Classic Products Team during the merge from Bowling & Billiards of Dallas in 2005. I have been active in Texas bowling all my life as I married into a bowling Family who owned a center in Wichita Falls for many years, and my mother was the secretary of the Texas YABA for 20 years. Bowling has always been a part of my life and is something I am passionate about. I enjoy working with Classic Products as it allows me to be a part of the sport that I love and continue to assist our customers in making their lives easier.

  • I have been servicing Texas customers for 17 years
  • Joined Classic during the merge from Bowling & Billiards of Dallas in 2005
  • Also part of the accounting team for Texas salesmen


Kodee Gallant     236

Ray Ardeneaux and Jeff Gray

I have been providing customer service since my very first job! I am passionate about giving my best care to each and every customer I come in contact with.

I have been around family at Classic Products nearly my whole life and have just recently joined the team.


Jessica Green     259

Altough new to bowling and Classic Products, I am experienced in taking care of people. I am always striving to provide the friendliest service possible to all of our customers.

I look forward to serving you in the best way I can as I learn more about each of you and the thousands of great products we have to offer!


Greg Boxly

I started working with Classic Products in March of 2015 when CBS (Complete Bowling Service) was acquired.

Though I was with CBS for thirteen years, I've remained working in customer service in the Washington location. I am now also the warehouse manager in Washington.


Randy Woten     271

I joined Classic in August of 2015 to assist customer service in few different areas like direct communications with vendors for better expected dates, and providing purchase reports for various programs and rebate offers to customers who don't use the internet.

I am not real great at bowling because outside of work, I actually like to be... Outside! With my high score being like 205, I'd much rather be fishing, camping or walking my dogs - Chloe & Bubba.

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